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Frequently askes Questions

WOWPVPRanking Frequently Asked Questions

About WOWPVPRanking

What does WOWPVPRanking do?
WOWPVPRanking provides a variety of services for online gamers. Chiefly, we are one of the largest sellers of in game currency for massively multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, Maple Story and Lineage 2. WOWPVPRanking has built its reputation based on competitive pricing, fast deliveries and reliable and consistent customer service.

What is WOWPVPRanking about?
WOWPVPRanking is a company that has evolved to serve the needs of the MMOG community. We are entirely devoted to enhancing the online gaming experience of all, by providing a service that adds to the enjoyment of tens of thousands of our customers' online adventures every day. WOWPVPRanking has maintained its position by being flexible and adaptable, and we will continue to be sensitive to the changing needs of online gamers world wide.

1. Price

What currency are the prices?
All product and service pricing on this site is shown in US dollars.


The offers a wide selection of game currency and powerleveling service for you to shop from. Shopping processes is done in simple and yet effective manner. It is tailored for easy use for advanced and first time users.

Step No.1 - Register

After browsing our website, users are required to register for a new account and complete the registration process by clicking on the ‘Register’ link from home page.

Step No.2 – Place your order

Select the items you preferred and click on the ‘add to cart’ button filling to your shopping cart. Please choose your favorite game and proper server for both game currency and powerleveling.

Step No.3 – Purchasing

Specify the quantity of the game currency you want to purchase by simply clicking on the pull down menu, which starts from ‘1’. Or click on the ‘add to cart’ button to add any items or powerleveling service to your shopping cart.

Step No.4 – Check out

Please click on the ‘check out’ button once you are satisfied with your shopping cart. Your profile details will be required in the next stage. Appropriate character information and appointed delivery time make sure the punctual on-line shipping and efficient services.

Step No.5 – Payment

Please choose your desired payment method by clicking on the ‘continue” button once submit your character information. Then you may procedure to the last step by filling out the appropriate information upon payment options.

Please wait after click on ‘submit order’ till the ‘congratulations’ message displayed on the Web page.
A confirmation email will be sent to you with the Order ID, which helps you track your order status easily via our Live Chat, Email and Toll Free Phone.

3. Payment

You can pay for your purchases by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Western Union, Money Order, Certified Check, and Wire Transfer, payable to American Borch F & T Group, Inc.

What kind of credit cards do you accept and how secure it is?

We currently take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. WOWPVPRanking is the authorized merchant of Internet Secure. It is impossible for anyone to obtain your credit card number from our website and protect you from fraud online shopping.

What is PayPal and how does it work?

PayPal is one of the most widely accepted electronic payment services used today to move money reliably, instantly and safely between accounts worldwide.

After signing up for an account at and proceeding through their easy verification processes, you may send money to your Paypal account from your bank account and begin to make purchases online from websites such as eBay, and of course our website
If you would like to know more about how PayPal operates, please visit the official website

I want to pay by Western Union but do not know how to do it, can you help me?

Yes. It is very simple and fast to send your payment by Western Union (WU). The online payment at is only available in USA. Customers from outside of the USA can simply go to the nearest WU store and the agent will help you finish the payment quickly.

What should I do after sending out the payment by Western Union?

After completing your payment, please give us the following information via Live Chat:

1) Your MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number), purchase amount, full name, city, state or province, and country.

2) Your game name, the quantity of game currency you ordered, the server name, character name and preferred pickup time, or the necessary leveling information for delivery.

What do I need from you if I want to send a Western Union payment?

Please make your payment to:

First name: Kun
Last name: Hu
City: Fremont
State: California
COUNTRY: United States

Do you accept the personal check?

To deliver the efficient service and avoid your order delaying caused by checking bouncing, only certified checks are acceptable for your order purchasing.

Where should I send my money order or certified check?

American Borch F & T Group, Inc.
PO Box 2331
Union City, CA 94587
United States

How long will it take for my money order or certified check to arrive?

It depends on your location and the mailing service you choose.
Regular or registered mail takes 3-5 business days within US & Canada and around 7-10 business days from other countries.
Express mail is sent in 1-3 business days within US & Canada and 3-5 business days from other countries.
It could take longer when deliveries on public holiday schedule.

IMPORTANT---How do you contact me once you receive my money order or check?

PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE IN THE ENVELOPE specifying your game name, game currency quantity, server, character name and your email address. We will contact you by email to set up the delivery time as payment received. You may also check if we have received your payment through Live Chat operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Delivery

How is the delivery accomplished?

Your order will queue in our delivery list once all the ordering processes and transaction completed. Our delivery team will then log into the appropriated game and contact the character specified. The game character will receive a ‘tell or whisper’ after a successful delivery.

Some of the games require a face-to-face delivery, which allows our game players transfer game currency though real character contact. So far we have around 7 games belonging to this list at our website: Lineage 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Ever Quest II, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars, Matrix Online, Final Fantasy XI, etc.

When can I expect delivery of my order from

You may expect your order to be delivered within 15-20 minutes, while the time it takes to receive your order depends on the method of the payment, volume of the order and traffic condition of game servers.

How do I track the status of an order?

Once you submit your order, you will receive an order confirmation email with Order ID though which you may track any WOWPVPRanking purchase. Our customer service representatives are ready to help our valued customers all over the world via Live Chat 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

Customers in USA and Canada can also check the order status over our toll free phone 9am to 5pm (PST) Monday - Friday.

In case you have been waiting for a really long time with no response, please check your contact email if we once tried to reach you. Otherwise please feel free to contact us by any of the above methods provided.

5. Safety

How safe it is if I shop at Will my transaction be secure enough?

Absolutely. At, our utmost priority is ensuring that your personal and transaction information is secure and your privacy is respect. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections in place to help you fight the online shopping fraud.

Will my account get banned for buying game currency or powerleveling?

No. We deal with large volume of deliveries every day and we have satisfied thousands of customers with our sincere service and professional manner. Our customers would not worry about the account banning as shopping at our website. Game players all over the world have legitimately purchased our stock without risk.

6. Refund Policy

Do you have refund policy if I do not receive orders made at

Yes, we do. If we are failed to contact the customers or confirm payment for more than 72 hours during the virtual items processing, the order will be hold and 100% purchase price will be promptly refunded.

The refund made to the credit card will be credited or returned to the same account you used within 2 to 3 business days.

Do you have any specific conditions for account buyers upon game currency?

Yes. The specific conditions are provided by and apply to our customers’ purchase on virtual game currency.

-All game currencies will be sent to the customers’ in-game characters within 24 hours after the confirmation of a successful payment.
-All game accounts will be sent to the customers though emails within 24 hours after the confirmation of a successful payment.
-If customers do not t receive the game currency or account within twenty-four hours of payment, will compensate a coupon with a value of 5% of the payment.
-If customers do not receive their game currency or account within 72 hours of payment, WOWPVPRanking will process a full refund.

The following circumstances are excluded:

a. Servers are under maintenance or under other conditions that do not allow users to log in.
b. Customers who need to do face-to-face trading are not online.
c. Incorrect account information and email address provided by customers.

Do you have any specific conditions for customers on powerleveling?

Yes, our powerleveling service is tailored to define and identify customers’ requirement.
Therefore the duration of powerleveling varies and depends on the product itself. We will do the refund if any delays or problems caused completely by our service.

For some products, our customers have to refrain from logging into the game during the leveling processing. Failure on this rule will slow down the proceeding and lead to service delay. Customer who persistently logs in the game will no longer be eligible for a guaranteed refund.

More information on powerleveling, please inquiry our customer service or FAQ: information on Powerleveling.

Why do I receive your refund even though I do not request it?

We have to refund customers under some specific conditions, such as:

1. Incorrect email and phone number provided.

Email is very important on helping us communicate with our customers. All the invoices, receipts and notifications are sent by emails. This is a main tunnel by which we contact with you in time.
First-time customers might receive a phone call confirmation by our customer service for the information confidence. Usually this confirmation will be conducted soon after your transaction completed. Our customer service representatives will consider the proper time due to your time zone and would not interrupt your daily life.
To help us server your better, please remember to fill in the right information. All the orders with incorrect email or phone number will be deemed as invalid. The payment will be returned to your original purchase account in 2-3 business days.
2. non-matching banking information

The online security checking system protects our customers from online shopping fraud. Your personal information will NOT be released but any non-matching input will be compared with the original bank data and ranked automatically as high risks.
So please keep in mind that we will not know your bank accounts details but improper information will result your order failure and refusing on further processing.
All the refunded customers will receive our email notification immediately when we do the refund. More questions please visit our Live Chat. Any issue regarding to the billing problem or fraudulent report, please email to:

7. Discount, Promotion and Coupon

Can I get the discount? And who is qualified to get the discount?

We offer discounts based on customers’ purchasing amount. The more you make a purchase from us, the more discount you could get. Once your order is applied to the discount range, our system will automatically calculate the deduction and rebate instantly.

What kind of specials or promotions is offering right now?

We usually launch the promotion and sales events on some of the special holidays, Please visit our website and check out the News regularly.

How can I get a coupon from

We offer coupons to our regular customers with excellent order records at We will award you with a coupon once your purchases are accumulated to a certain level.Please check below if you are qualified for the coupon gift:

Customers can also receive a coupon on a promotional event. Please visit our website frequently for new released promotion and leave your feedback if you have any suggestion. Your opinion is very important to us and a gift coupon may be rewarded for accepted ideas.

Important Information:
We take care your orders and calculate the total purchase every month. We will award a coupon to you for certain level and a notification email will be sent by 15th of the next month. Please keep in mind that it is only from, our customer service center, and you are welcomed to visit us and check the coupon winner list or any other information.

8. Wholesale

How much discount can I get from wholesale?

It depends on your purchasing volume. Please feel free to contact us through Live Chat for the latest wholesale prices.

How can I place a wholesale order and who can help me?

Wire transfer is the only acceptable payment for wholesale and we ask for a $500 deposit to our wholesale customers for the reason of anti-fraud. Our customer services representatives are ready to assistant you placing the order via Live Chat.

If I want to make a bulk purchase such as 200M while your highest quantity is 100M, can I still put an order at

Yes. Possibly you may purchase a 100M plus another one. Please contact our Live Chat support to check the in-stock status for your order. We will restock the unavailable products for our customers in the shortest possible time.

I am interested in your wholesale and this is my first attempt to make a purchase at, but I was told the bulk sale is unavailable. How come?

Firstly please register at our website, then purchase as our member.

PayPal users are also requested to meet the following demands:

Unregistered Paypal users are not acceptable at
Some restrictions such as order volume and confirmed account information are applied to our first time customer without previous purchasing records. The maximum order is $250; and for any first time customers with an order over $75, we will either send an email to your registered PayPal email account or make a phone call to the corresponding one at PayPal.
There will be no delivery without confirmation from the PayPal account holder.

9. Membership

Are there any cost to the membership and how easy it is to join as a member at WOWPVPRanking?

No, there is no cost at all. It is free to join our membership. After register at, there will be an enquiry asking if you would like to become our member.

Please accept our free offer and experience the benefit prepared for our honored members.

Why should I become a member?

Should you choose to register, the process is quick and the benefits are many, including:

-Easily track orders online or over the phone.
- Save billing and shipping information for future uses.
- Faster checkout and appointed delivery time according to your own schedule.
- Send vouchers to your friends and collect coupons fast.

10. Powerleveling

How is your powerleveling operated?

Our professional powerleveling team works in 3 shifts all day ensuring character familiarity and the shortest leveling time. We also offer part time leveling, in which you may still play your character at your specified time while leaving it to us in the rest time.

The price is customized to your personal orders and we fixed it regularly to an affordable level providing our customers with more enjoyable online gaming experiences.

How secure is your powerleveling? Is it safe if I release my account name and password to you?

Yes. At WOWPVPRanking, we take safeguarding your personal information very seriously. We developed strict policies to guarantee our customers’ privacy. The only person can access your log in information is our leveling expert who has been professionally trained and will never talk with other game characters in the powerleveling. Once the powerleveling is completed, should we advice you to check and change your password for your own security.

Will using your leveling services ban my account?

No. We have been doing powerleveling for hundreds of customers in different games. Our customers have never been banned as using our services. No bots or macros are used by our skilled players and we never talk to any other players in game or get involved in any controversial activities such as player killing.

Will you start doing the powerleveling after I paid? How can I track my order procedure?

Yes. We have the leveling team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will check your account / character / items status firstly. The powerleveling will be started instantly if there is no problem on your account.

You can contact us anywhere, anytime at your convenience by Live Chat or Email to check your powerleveling procedures. Customers in US & Canada may track the processing progress over the Toll Free Phone 1-888-331-3766 or 1-510-455-4230, 8am to11pm (EST), 7 days a week.

Note: We do our best to devote our energy and skills completing the leveling service in time. However, by our customers’ understanding, some factors may impact the processing such as: character class, server downtime, and Internet disconnection, etc. We on the alert for all the conditions and will resume the leveling as soon as we can.

While your company is leveling my character is that possible for me to play and when I am off have your company continue the leveling?

Sure. We can do the non-stop leveling 24 / 7 or customize your schedule in a part-time procedure. Just contact us by Live Chat to let us know your desired schedule before we start.

One of the important issues we would like to remind you is that please do not login to your account while we are leveling your character.
You may notify us by Live Chat to log out first before playing by yourself. Please only login at your specified time if you choose a part time service.

Our reminder again: please notify us first if you wish to play at any time in which is supposed we are working for the powerleveling.

If I have several characters under the same game account, can I log in to play another one while you are working on one of them?

No. Our professional player team works on a 24 / 7 non-stop schedule. Your login would interrupt the job, which may cause the work delay or even a severe failure.

Please contact our Live Chat support to set up a proper time for your logging in.

Do you deal with special orders? What if my desired leveling does not fit in your listed range? For example, I want to start from level 18 to 24 yet can only find 15-20, 20-25,etc. in your chart.

Yes, no problem. Please talk to our customer service via Live Chat. They will gladly help you place your order in particular.

11. Affiliate Program

Can I join your affiliate program? How it works?

Yes. No matter if you are running business website, personal fan site, or just a web surfer, our affiliate program is open to every person. Simply setting WOWPVPRanking’s banner or Link in your web pages, you will be awarded with 12.5% of the purchases referred from you. For more details, please contact our Live Chat support.

12.Fax Confirmation

Why do I need fax confirmation?

We promise customers instant delivery in at most 72 hours once the transaction is completed successfully. The processing may last longer while some transactions do not go through smoothly, which may due to the technical limitations or the billing itself. We request the fax confirmation to help speed the transaction processes and prove the billing reliability, hereby ensure the purchasing security at and server customers better.

We respect customers’ privacy and your own decision at; customers who refuse to transmit the fax confirmation will get the refund in 2 business days and the related order will be terminated at same time.

What can I do on the fax confirmation?

Please download and print out the Authorized Transaction Process Form, complete the details, fax with the copy of your original payment credit card to: 1-510-494-1858, Billing Department.
( )

Please Note that for the concern of your privacy and credit card security, ONLY last 4-digit number and cardholder’s name are required for fax confirmation. Please erase or cover the important info on your credit card such as expiry date and other card numbers except the last 4 numbers. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours please contact our customer service by phone (Toll free 1-888-331-3766 or 1-510-155-1230 for international ) or Live Chat.

Do you reward any bonus for the fax confirmation?

Yes. We appreciate your cooperation and understand that it cost you extra on this fax confirmation process either by time or by expense. To show our respect to all your efforts for helping us improve our transaction reliability, we will reward customers for approved fax confirmation with the bonus of 10% of correlative orders.

Information will be kept in our database and reserved as your credits at The fax records will help speeding up your subsequent orders by same account and credit card profiles.

We only require fax confirmation for some specified orders, while we DO recommend our customers use the fax by your own initiative. Just simply download and print the Transaction Process Form and fax us at 1-510-494-1858 with your credit card copy, you will take the advantage on the 10% bonus rewarded for approved fax confirmation and faster service in the future.

Do you take other payment fax confirmation except credit card?

No. Now the fax confirmation is accessible only for customers by CREDIT CARD payment. This is a processing assist helping us shorten the credit card checking system waiting duration which may not apply to other payment methods, such as Paypal or Western Union, etc.

13. Others

Don't see an answer to your question?

Please call us toll free (US & Canada) at 1-888-331-3766 or 1-510-455-4230 or contact us by email and Live Chat.